China Imposes Stricter Controls Over Drug Distribution Chain

Expert: Be Prepared for Major Shift in EU Clinical Trial Environment

South Africa Reworking Proposed Device Regulations, Passage May Come This Year

EMA Gears Up for Launch of Drug Safety Regulation

Africa: Land of Opportunity, But Many Challenges Remain

EC Seeks More Data on PIP Implants, Plans to Ramp Up Device Vigilance

UK’s NICE Recommends First Device Under Its New Technology Pathway

Malaysia Adopts Device Regulatory Scheme, Issues Guidances for IVDs

Executive Editor of:

International Medical Device Regulatory Monitor


International Pharmaceutical Regulatory Monitor


The GMP Letter


Devices & Diagnostics Letter


Clinical Trials Advisor


Other Clips:

Tiny Survivors

Taking a Bite Out of Hunger

Big Trouble With Little Ticks

When Home Is Where the Harm Is

Remembrance Ticks Past

The Origin of the Species


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